Date:June 28, 2012

Gopal Shenoy, Director Prod Mgmt, Noted Blogger

Gopal Shenoy, a 14 year veteran of software product management in the United States. A frequently sought after speaker at several product management conferences and a featured product manager at institutes like Pragmatic Marketing, Gopal runs one of the best ranked product management blog in the world at Gopal is currently the Director of Product Management at in Boston, USA where he is leading the product efforts to enable consumers to trade-in over 250,000 used electronic gadgets for cash. Prior to Gazelle, Gopal held very successful product management positions at software companies such as SolidWorks (product design software used by over a million users in over 100,000 companies worldwide), (world’s largest community of over 700,000 product designers) RSA Security (credit card data encryption software), (SaaS based Human Resources software) and OnForce (online marketplace with over 20,000 IT/Consumer Electronic Service buyers and providers). Gopal has conducted over 400 customer interviews and visits in 10 countries over his career.